Business summary 

LivelyGig’s mission is to help people and businesses secure meaningful and reliable work, globally. We are creating a peer-to-peer freelance marketplace for digital services.

Placing ourselves at the forefront of trends for on-demand work, valuable personal networks, and peer-to-peer solutions, LivelyGig’s experienced and energetic team is well-poised to deliver on this promise.




Buyer (Employer):

 We believe that most of the ~100+ organizations developing products in the Bitcoin and Blockchain arena have problems meeting their business objectives because they cannot find enough on-demand skilled blockchain developers, track mutual commitments, and/or pay with low overhead. Therefore, we believe they will value LivelyGig’s network of specialized talent and smart contract technology with built-in escrow.  


Seller (Talent) Market:

 We believe that the ~20,000+ on-demand designers and developers with blockchain expertise want to find jobs that will pay in bitcoin as their work is progressively completed. They want to improve their reputation specifically around work with blockchain technology. They will value our list of job opportunities and smart contracts with built-in escrow. Referrals from their contacts will increase the likelihood of securing jobs.


Like existing freelance services, LivelyGig’s website and smartphone apps will support users’ posting of profiles, projects, contests, and standard offerings. Additionally, LivelyGig’s product will:

  • Foster specialized communities of talent and employers.
  • Support introductions and referrals for work, and provide rewards to users for referrals.
  • Allow any two people to directly connect and privately discuss work.
  • Allow users to create peer-to-peer smart contracts with custom terms and escrow, aligning their incentives.
  • Quickly settle payment once the buyer accepts delivery.
  • Collect meaningful feedback, and grow competency-based reputations.